Miss you-

I don’t have any real friends; I have some but they don’t really care about me as I don’t really care about them. My best friend, moved away last year, she’s starting to pull away from me. She replaced me, I’m nothing but a memory to her. She was the only one I could talk to, even though she didn’t care about what I told her. No boy wants to go out with me; I’m not hot or pretty enough. And the truth is, love hurts, boys lie, friends cry, people die, parents yell, I try, but it’ll never be enough. I learned that the hard way. I never thought she was capable of talking behind my back like that. And the thing is she’s the one person I thought would have my back. You could make her meet someone and the next day she would treat her better than she ever treated me. And it pisses me of so badly because I just want my best friend back.

I just don’t know what to do anymore, I can’t talk to her because then she’ll know what I did but I can’t just keep it in anymore.


I have to go, leave to somewhere new where no one knows me.

I want to start over.

I miss my best friend. 


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